Interior Design

Start from scratch with Design Total Makeover.

Heaveninhomeis60 Design Total Makeover service was created specifically for spaces that need a full makeover and crave that designer feel. Using our expert methodology to uncover your unique aesthetic, our team will curate full rooms from top to bottom to create a
cohesive and effortless design tailored just to you that you’ll love to live in.

Step One: It begins as a homework assignment to help us understand how you use your home and what is driving your desire to change your space.

Step Two: Your first meeting will be up to 2 hours, allowing us to dive into your design taste, lifestyle, vision and budget.

Step Three: We will then build a customized design concept for you that will be presented during our second meeting so that you can visualize the direction. You will receive a design deck complete with floor plans (if necessary), a vision board of your new selections, and detailed pages of each item that your designer has chosen for you. 


Design Renovation: $750 per complete space. Your designer may present up to 3 options per
Additional Rooms: $350 per room if booked with in 90 days of the initial Design Salvation service purchase
Bonus: 15% off of all curated selections that are provided to you

  • For multipurpose or 2-in-1 rooms (e.g. open floor plan living/ dining), an additional $350 will be
    assessed to complete the design for both spaces.
  • Discount excludes wallpaper, wall treatments, custom window treatments and artwork, and American Leather sleepers

Book In Person

Design Renovation can be booked online by visiting our website.